A Friend for Every Season

Photo courtesy of Internet Not all friends are friends for life. Wait… hear me out before you assume that this post is all doom and gloom… Some friends are for a season, many of us need to come to terms with this, because I know it took me a while. Some friends are for that... Continue Reading →

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The Pen Mistress: What’s this all about?

These are my musings. my words as a story teller... My view of the world. These are my thoughts on the world... as an individual, as a pair of eyes, and everything else in between. In short its a Blog 🙂

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When hierarchy really aint that great!

Oppression and the desire to dominate others comes naturally to people. There are many examples from world history that can prove this claim. (forced labour, genocide, racism, sexism and every other ‘ism’ you can think of) Whilst oppression is abhorrent, there are plenty of subtle and more acceptable forms of oppression such as hierarchy, deference,... Continue Reading →

OPINION: Dr Umar Johnson, Pan Africanism etc.

I’ll start by answering the question. “So, who is Dr Umar Johnson?” My take on Dr Umar is that he is an ardent Pan-Africanist and a supporter of black economic freedom and the sanctity of a strong black family base. Although the issues are mostly centred around American experiences, I feel they absolutely resonate with anyone living elsewhere, be it in the Caribbean, in Europe, Africa or elsewhere.

I am just a Tree (Part 2)

And so, the wedding had come, it was a small affair with the reception held right here in the compound. I had never witnessed so many people coming and going and some were sitting beneath the shade, drinking Coca-Cola and Fanta straight from the glass bottles. Children ran around enjoying the freedom which weddings invariably... Continue Reading →

I am just a Tree (part 1)

I have been here for decades… I can barely remember when I spread my roots wide and deep almost becoming part of the landscape here; part of lush garden filled with greenery, part of the fruit trees that become fragrant with ripened fruit, part of the African soil. I have become part of the family... Continue Reading →

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